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Hear from our DESTY Mentors and Children about how the DESTY Island Emotional Resilience Programme transforms lives. 

DESTY Mentor Stories

"As an adult or a child, feelings can get in the way of success, with this programme we are equipping children with the emotional confidence to recognise and cope with their feelings preventing emotional barriers to learning."

DAWN BAILEY - Slough Virtual School

"I really enjoyed the DESTY training programme. It has helped me on both a personal and professional level. I would recommend it to anyone out their working with children and young people."

SEAN O'NEILL, Educator, Ireland

"The DESTY Mentor training course has provided me with unique insights into the work of equipping children with a level of self-knowledge and self-esteem which will empower them to grow and thrive in our 21st century world."

DEIRDRE CROMBIE, Educator, Brussels International School

"I highly recommend the online Desty mentor training as a Special Education Teacher. The programme is very child friendly, dealing with very important issues in a non- threatening and fun way, and implementing it reaps fantastic results for the child."

THERESA O'SULLIVAN, Educator, Ireland

"The programme is perfectly structured and when trained as a Mentor it's very easy to navigate the online programme. I would highly recommend this programme as a perfect tool for any school who are looking for a fun, interactive and quality social and emotional programme."


"I am thrilled to have completed the DESTY Mentor training course which has made a very positive impact both professionally and personally. Thank you for making me a better DESTY mentor. Cannot recommend highly enough."

MAURA CAWLEY, Educator, Ireland

"The Desty programme is a very valuable tool for any individual who works with people, whether children, adults with a disability or working as a team member in the work place as it gave me the tools to work with my child and also I was able to adapt the learning to work based situations."

ANDREA FISHER, Parent, Ireland

"This course really shined a spotlight on what is going on behind the scenes in my child's world while giving me the tools to help the situation. Now that I have the clarity I can deal with situations with a win-win outcome."

NIAMH MCINTYRE, Parent, Switzerland

"I would highly recommend this course as it has helped me to understand my young person on so many levels. The training was exceptional and course tutor Stephanie was fantastic with us. Great layout and structure with great support."

CLAIRE FITZGERALD, Educator, Knowsley

"The triangle approach to the Island /Workbook/Child/Mentor makes this programme more accessible to the child whilst really reinforcing what each emotion is. The games and activities are all there so you don't have to gather any additional resources."

SAM LIVERSY, Educator, Knowsley

"The course was immensely helpful and as educators we imagine we use the techniques taught every day within the workplace, however in reality its probably easy to let all of this slip when you yourself are not having the best of days, or the children we work with are unable to express their own feelings and can become frustrated, so being able to do the course and learning to empathise more has been a great help to enable us to fully understand and try to put the feelings of children and ourselves into perspective."

ANNE-MARIE FLEXIN, Educator, Knowsley

"As a Teacher and a Foster Carer I found the DESTY Mentor Training programme to be invaluable. It sets you a solid, scientific foundation to assist in understanding behaviours, dealing with emotions and building relationships that can lead children on a journey to becoming the best version of themselves. Delivered through online seminars with an infectious enthusiasm and passion that inspires, I cannot recommend this highly enough."

PAUL CLIFF, Educator & Foster Carer

"As a parent I think it really gets you thinking about what it is like for a child trying to manage their feelings, thoughts, orders from us and the world and in general noise all around them. It is of huge value to us to be able to put some order on those feelings while at the same time being better able to deal with our own feelings therefore showing empathy and building resilience."

TOM, Adoptive Parent, Ireland

DESTY Children's Voices

"It has made me happier."

"I could let people know how I felt without talking if I didn't want to because I could type it or add pictures."

"Making the avatars for the people who you can talk to when you are worried. This helped me to remember who they are. I liked getting the certificates too because I like certificates."

"Others might be too nervous to talk to their teacher so with Desty they could be helped to talk about how they feel."

"It would help others because they can talk about themselves and be more confident."

"The sadness part has helped me."

"It controlled my tempers because I get really angry."

"It made me think about not hitting people when I get annoyed, now I tell the teacher."

"If they have anger problems it could help you."

"Thank you for creating Desty Island. I loved it."

"It helped me to be able to think through things when I was stressed."

"It would help other people in the same situations to learn about their emotions."

"Thank you for helping me through somethings that I found difficult such as my emotions."

"It helped me because it told me about my feelings."

"I enjoyed making the little books about me. It was fun."

"The mindfulness because it was relaxing me."

"I liked the mindfulness because it helped me relax."

"The mindfulness because it made me feel better when I was annoyed."

"Mindfulness power was fun and relaxing."

"To Desty, I really liked it very much!"

"Thank you for helping me."

"The games because they were really fun. And the certificates were good."

"I liked the matching game because it was fun."I think Desty is fun and easy to use it would help people to talk."

"It was really fun and I enjoyed it!"

"I can talk more about my feelings."

"It’s fun and it helps you to express your feelings when you sometimes can't."

"I liked using the super power because it helps me calm down."

"I can calm down more and I can talk more to the adults in my life."

"Other children might be angry all the time and it teaches them how to calm down and make the anger go away."

"I liked it in the workshop because you get to share your feelings and when I shared my feelings I felt a bit better."

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