Online Social & Emotional Wellbeing Programme for Children

                                                   2-Minute DESTY Overview

Feeling understood, accepted and cared about is vital for our sense of wellbeing. For children, it’s doubly important as they learn how to navigate the world and build relationships with the people around them. Children can flounder or flourish depending on the amount and quality of the support they receive.

We know that children learn best and do better at school when they have high self-esteem and can effectively manage their feelings and behaviour. Education DESTY® provides a platform where a child can develop key life skills in a safe, child-centred environment supported by a caring adult in their home or school setting.

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DESTY® – Discovering Exceptional Strengths & Talents in You!

80% of children improved their EMOTIONAL WELLBEING following the implementation of DESTY®

What is DESTY®?

DESTY® is a targeted social and emotional wellbeing programme aimed at supporting primary school children with additional emotional needs developed by Educational Psychologist, Stephanie O’Malley. The programme also promotes the development of key literacy skills such as expressive and receptive language and supports the SPHE/PSHE Curriculum.

How DESTY® Works?

We train parents, carers, educators and health care professionals to become DESTY Mentors, who will then work with students on an individual basis to explore DESTY Island. The student is guided around the island on a journey which helps develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence and resilience. A DESTY Mentor can be a Parent, Carer, Learning Support or Resource Teacher, Learning Mentor, ELSA (Emotional Learning Support Assistant) or other Health Care Professional. DESTY Island is a colourful, interactive world that provides a safe space for students to explore and understand the 6 universal emotions with their online guide, DESTY, and their offline trained Mentor.


The DESTY Mentor’s role is to collaborate with and support the student to work through the various places on the island and to empower them to generalise their learning. Key to this programme is the support that Team DESTY provides to our DESTY Mentors by offering high quality training, a DESTY Programme Workbook, student learning platform, a student reporting system, on-going technical support and access to the online DESTY Mentor Academy which is full of practical resources.


  • Self-awareness

  • Building Positive Relationships

  • Emotional Literacy Skills

  • Self-Esteem
  • Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills

  • Resilience


Our DESTY® Mentor Training Package –
Team Desty are with you every step of the way!


‘I can calm down more and I can talk more to the adults in my life. I could let people know how I felt without talking if I didn’t want to because I could type it or add pictures.’

Martin, Aged 8

‘It’s fun and it helps you to express your feelings when you sometimes can’t. I am happier and have someone new to talk to.’

Jason, Aged 7

‘Making the avatars for the people who you can talk to when you are worried. This helped me to remember who they are. I liked getting the certificates too because I like certificates.’

Molly, Aged 9

‘I think Desty is fun and easy to use it would help people to talk.’

Nadine, Aged 8

“It’s fun because you get to pick what you want and the games are fun!”

Meadbh, Aged 8

“I enjoyed making my family.”

Jake, Aged 9

“Desty is helping me think about my emotions.’

Nicola, Aged 10

‘I feel Desty is enabling him to express himself. He has been closed down emotionally and through using Desty the barriers are coming down.’

Jean, DESTY Mentor

‘It helped him talk about people in his life that he would share his thoughts with and helped him understand that there are lots of people that were willing to help him.’

Lucy, DESTY Mentor

‘It was a boost to his self-esteem. He felt very special by the end. He received his certificate during celebration assembly, and was all smiles!’

Sarah, DESTY Mentor

“He really enjoyed the happy face race, lots of fun and laughter. We even got a mirror so we could look at ourselves!”

Emma, DESTY Mentor

‘The fact that it is computer-based and the student is in control is a massive positive – makes a huge difference to his sense of safety and motivation and willingness to engage in thought and discussion.’

Linda, DESTY Mentor

“It is so structured and requires the student to focus and engage. The worksheets are very useful.”

Angela, DESTY Mentor

“The programme sessions provoked a good discussion about some things which my student finds difficult.”

Bridget, DESTY Mentor

Why We Do What We Do

We envision an education system where all children are engaged, inspired and are encouraged to become the very best they can be. However, we recognise that more school children than ever are presenting with significant emotional and behavioural challenges in the classroom. This impacts on their learning, educational achievement and ultimately their life chances. We know that parents, carers, educators and health care professionals want to help but many feel that they don’t have the training or support to meet children’s emotional needs. It is this need that inspired the vision of DESTY. We want to empower and support those who work with children to enable the whole-child development of students. With over 65 years combined experience Team DESTY are passionate about what we do and why we do it.

Our aim is to ensure that every child has access to at least one DESTY Mentor. We know it is a big plan but we believe in thinking BIG!