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Stephanie o'Malley quote

Stephanie O'MalleyFounder & CEO
I’m Stephanie O’Malley, (formerly Fitzgerald) the founder and CEO of Education DESTY®. I am a qualified Educational Psychologist and for the past 14 years I have been supporting children, families and educators both through my private practice and in partnership with various other organisations.

I am a lifelong learner and I am currently completing a Doctorate with University College London. I have a keen interest in evidence-based models of practice and I have been involved in a number of national research studies. I’ve also lectured and delivered workshops in colleges and Universities across Ireland including University College Dublin (UCD), National College of Art and Design (NCAD) and Trinity College, Dublin (TCD) and delivered an online course to teachers from The University of Colorado. I have also collaborated with a number of community and education centres to deliver a range of courses and workshops to parent groups and a variety of professionals.

I love what I do and believe that everyone, regardless of their background or abilities, should have the opportunity to live a happy and fulfilling life. From my perspective, the development of social and emotional intelligence is key to finding that sense of fulfilment. My experience has shown me that children are very responsive to a range of strategies aimed at supporting the development of their social and emotional skills.

Margaret Keane
Margaret KeaneDesty Mentor Academy - Director
My journey to Education Desty has taken me through a career in Media, Publishing, Training, Child Advocacy, Social Enterprise and Educational Technology. It is this mix that has given me a broad skill set that includes start up consultancy, strategic and financial planning, brand development, project management, communications design and e-learning.

“What inspires me most about the Education Desty SEL programme is that it gives children the opportunity to tell their own story and in the telling they discover a positive sense of self worth and their special place in their home, school and community. It empowers the child and builds resilience, a powerful and potentially life changing experience which will impact positively on their future life chances.” 

Janice O'Leary
Janice O'LearyC.T.O.
I am a software engineer with experience of working on websites that have high demands for a clear and easy to use interface and an underlying robust architecture. In addition to my experience in the IT industry, my skills in problem solving and attention to detail also are important to the development of the best application possible for Education Desty.

“Education Desty is a project that will help children understand themselves and their world. The team at Education Desty are very passionate and care tremendously about the work they produce. Working on a project that helps young people and with such a dedicated team is a great experience.”

Mandi Cromer
Mandi CromerGraphic Designer and Illustrator
I am an Irish illustrator with a background in computer animation and children’s educational software. I have been drawing and making my whole life and enjoy putting my passion for beautiful design and clear communication into my work.

“Working with Education Desty is really fulfilling. I have loved being able to breath life into this little character of Desty – she has quite won my heart! The concept and content of Education Desty was so strong that it has been easy to help Desty find her feet and voice in her new home, Desty Island.  I can only imagine the adventures she will get up to in the future!”