Developing Children’s Emotional Resilience Online Training Course

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Your Course:  Developing Children’s Emotional Resilience
Course Schedule: 8 Units
Course  Time Commitment: 6 Hours
Course Certificate: DESTY ‘Developing Children’s Emotional Resilience’ Certificate of Participation – Level 1 DESTY Mentor Training Course

DESTY Toolkit: Set of 52 DESTY Feelings Cards will be posted to each participant
Course Resources: Range of Worksheets (See Full Description Below)

Supporting children to develop their emotional resilience is one of the most important set of life skills we can give to the next generation.  The single most common factor for children who develop resilience is at least one stable and committed relationship with a supportive parent, caregiver, or other adult.  Centre on the Developing Child – Harvard University

As a parent, carer or educator you are in the privileged position of being that one stable relationship in a child’s life that can help them to deal with life’s challenges and reach their true potential. This course has been designed and is delivered by Educational Psychologist and Education DESTY Founder, Stephanie O’Malley, who will support you to develop the knowledge and skills to feel confident in supporting children to develop the key factors that contribute to the development of resilience and a child’s overall social, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Easy-to-follow lessons include how to:

  • Understanding attachment and trauma and its impact on the brain
  • Practical strategies for reducing stress and anxiety
  • Developing emotional intelligence including practical strategies for building a child’s emotional vocabulary and emotional literacy skills
  • Developing resilience through practical examples and strategies that are proven to be effective

The completion of this course also enables you to apply for the next stage of DESTY Mentor Training and to embark on the Certified DESTY Mentor Training course which includes access to our award-winning DESTY Island Social and Emotional Wellbeing software programme and DESTY Mentor Toolkit.


DESTY Feeling Cards

A set of 26 pairs of beautifully illustrated feelings cards which provide a variety of wonderful ways to have fun with children while they connect with and learn about their feelings. Each pack comes with a set of Feeling Games that can be played in pairs or small groups.

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