DESTY Mentor Training FAQs

Thinking about becoming a DESTY Mentor?  

This guide will help you learn more about the programme and it's features. 

Who can become a DESTY Mentor?

A DESTY Mentor is a key adult in a child's life. So if you are a parent, carer or educator you can sign up for our DESTY Mentor Training Programme. DESTY Mentors are dedicated individuals who are willing to work one-to-one with a child on the DESTY Island Resilience Programme.

What does the DESTY Mentor Training involve?

We understand that parents, carers and educators have busy lives. This is why our elearning team have developed a training programme that is entirely flexible and accessible. You can complete your training online, in your own time and at your own pace with support every step of the way from Team DESTY.

We want to ensure that you get all of the skills, tools and knowledge to prepare you as a Mentor so you feel fully confident to use the programme effectively with a child. So we've split your DESTY Mentor Training into two courses that build upon each other. Each course has additional downloadable resources which you can also use outside of the programme. The combined training should take no more than 10 hours to complete which is roughly the equivalent of a two-day training course.

  • Developing Children's Emotional Resilience which reviews the theory, science and research that the programme is built upon.
  • Certified DESTY Mentor Training Course which takes you through the programme step-by-step and includes the development of key communication skills for the Mentor.
What is the DESTY Island Resilience Programme?

Created by Educational Psychologist & DESTY Founder Stephanie O'Malley DESTY Island is a safe, fun, interactive world where children learn about themselves, their feelings and how to manage BIG feelings.

What age group is the Programme recommended for?

The programme has been used with children as young as 5 and as old as 13 years. In the main, the feedback we have received indicates that 7 to 11 years (Key Stage 2) is the ideal age but of-course this depends on all sorts of individual factors relating to the child.

Can I use this programme with a group of children?

No, this programme is designed specifically for a mentor to work one-to-one with a child in a support role. However, your course resources which includes worksheets and multi-media downloads and your Pack of DESTY Feelings Cards can be used for group activities outside of the programme.

What is the DESTY Resilience Kit?

We believe in providing our Mentors with all of the tools they need to extend our Resilience Programme beyond DESTY Island. As part of your DESTY Mentor Training Package you will receive.

  • My DESTY Island Adventure Workbook
  • A DESTY teddy for the child to share their dreams, worries and thoughts
  • A set of 52 DESTY Feelings Cards with instructions for games to explore feelings.
When will I receive my DESTY Resilience Toolkit?
  • We ship kits to individuals purchasing the DESTY Certified Mentor Training within a maximum of 2 days of receipt of order.
  • We ship kits to those trainees funded by Virtual Schools on successful completion of their Certified Mentor Training Course.
Is there a clear beginning and end to the Programme?

The DESTY Island Resilience Programme has a clear structure and flow with a definite end point. There are three core modules, each with a specific number of steps, but how long it takes a child to complete the programme is down to the child and the mentor. This is a child centred and child led programme.

How long is each session typically with the child?

Typically a session runs for 25 to 30 minutes.

How many sessions would you recommend to schedule in a week?

We recommend one session per week.

Must the programme be followed sequentially?

The programme is completely child-centred so while the steps are presented sequentially the child has the choice to skip any of the steps and to come back and review them at another time if he or she wishes. This is a key part of the programme. In addition, this is not a stand alone programme and mentors can use additional resources to complement the programme. For example, one mentor realised that her student was consistently confused between sad and angry and did additional work to drill down further on these emotions and resumed the DESTY Programme after a couple of weeks.

Which core feelings are explored on DESTY Island?

DESTY Island is all about exploring BIG feelings. With the help of you, the Mentor and our online character DESTY the child will explore what's known as the 6 universal feelings:

  • SAD
What is an SDQ (Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire)?

The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) is a brief behavioural screening questionnaire that can be used in various forms for children aged 3-16 years. We provide easy online access to a pre and post Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) so mentors can track improvements in the child's wellbeing and behaviour while using the programme.

Is there a trial available?

We do not offer trial access to the online programme at this time but we would recommend that you watch our Programme Overview Video which talks you through the modules. You can also contact us at help@educationdesty or schedule a call back and we would happy to answer any questions you have.

What are the System Requirements to access DESTY Island?

You will need the following:

  • A laptop or computer
  • A stable broadband connection
  • An internet browser - we recommend using the latest Google Chrome for the best possible experience. Using the latest version will also ensure that you have the latest security updates.
Can I use the DESTY Programme on my iPad, tablet or other mobile device?

At present the DESTY Programme is designed to work best on computers and laptops with a stable broadband connection. You may still access your course material and video lessons using your mobile device but when accessing DESTY Island with a child you must use a laptop or computer. This will give you and your child the best possible experience of DESTY Island.

How many child passes comes with the DESTY Mentor Training Package

You will receive one child pass to DESTY Island with your package. This allows you to work with one child only. Depending on the number of additional child passes required we can offer discounts, please contact us directly with the details to

I want to buy multiple child passes, is there a discount available?

Depending on the number of additional child passes required we can offer discounts, please contact us directly with the details to

I just want access to DESTY Island, do I still need training?

Yes. Only certified DESTY Mentors can access DESTY Island with a child. In order to ensure the integrity of the DESTY programme we ensure that only trained Mentors have access. This protects both you and the child you are working with and ensures the best possible outcome.

I've never studied online before, what support will I get?

We understand that studying online can be a challenge if you've never experienced it before. Our elearning design team have made each of our courses engaging and very easy to follow. If you have any problems at all Team DESTY are available at help@educationdesty.

What do you mean by "on-going" support?

We provide learning, technical and programme support the moment you register with us. You can contact us at with any of your queries and we will respond within 24 hours.

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