DESTY Island -
Award Winning Online Emotional Resilience Programme for Children

Change a child's life. Work one to one with a child to grow their confidence, develop their social skills and build their resilience.

What is DESTY Island?

Created by Educational Psychologist & DESTY Founder Stephanie O'Malley DESTY Island is a safe, fun, interactive world where children learn about themselves, their feelings and how to manage BIG feelings.

Children visit DESTY Island online with their mentor who can be a parent, carer or educator.  There they meet our wonderful character DESTY who acts as their island guide and friend. This is a one to one programme where child and mentor work together over a minimum of 12 half hour guided sessions. 


Who is the DESTY Mentor?

We know that having a positive role model for a child is vital to growing their confidence, self-esteem and resilience. A DESTY Mentor is a key adult in a child's life who is willing to take on the support role for a child as they explore DESTY Island. We train parents, carers and educators to become DESTY Mentors and give them all the skills, tools and support they need. 

DESTY Island Emotional Resilience Programme for Children - Mentor Training Course

What makes the DESTY Island Programme Different?

  • Builds Relationship & Social Skills: It's the only programme of it's kind that promotes the development of a stable, positive relationship between a key adult (parent, carer or educator) and a child on a one to one basis.
  • Personlised Programme: Every step a child takes on their DESTY Island journey they're telling their own unique story. This can then be downloaded and shared with the key people in their life. 
  • Offline Activities: DESTY is more than just an online programme. In fact our programme is built around online and offline activities. Each package comes with a DESTY Resilience Toolkit including a DESTY Island Adventure Workbook, a DESTY Teddy and a pack of DESTY Feelings Cards
  • Evidence Based: Our pilot study found that 80% of children who used the DESTY® Island Programme improved their emotional wellbeing.
  • Evaluation of Outcomes:  We provide easy access to pre and post Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) so mentors can track improvements in the child's wellbeing and behaviour. 
  • Ongoing Support: As a DESTY Mentor you are supported every step of the way from the moment you register for your training course. We offer individual support from an educational psychologist on a needs basis.


What's included in the DESTY ISLAND PACKAGE?

DESTY ISLAND PROGRAMME Mentor Training Package Self-Paced

DESTY Mentor Certicication

What comes with my DESTY Resilience Toolkit?

DESTY Island is a totally immersive programme for both child and mentor with lots of fun online and offline activities for you to do together. You will receive MY DESTY Island Adventure Workbook, a DESTY Teddy and a Set of DESTY Feelings Cards, all designed to extend the programme even further. 

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Hear from our DESTY Mentors

We are thrilled with the feedback and testimonials that we received from the parents, educators and carers who have become Certified DESTY Mentors. Why not read what they have to say?

"Firstly, I would like to thank you all for this course. I love how it focuses on how my child feels and gives me a platform to explore this in a nurturing, safe and caring environment. It gives my child a voice and it gives us the chance to explore with DESTY while spending time together. I know I will always be able to refer back to DESTY to help us to all move forward."

CLARE LEAHY - Parent, Ireland

"I think this programme could benefit all children to understand their emotions and feelings but as a foster carer working with children who have suffered emotional trauma, I think it will be invaluable in helping my foster children to understand their emotions better and to help them become more resilient."

JULIE MURRAY - Foster Carer, UK

"This course was informative and transformative. The support was fantastic and I am already reaping the benefits with the young people I work with. The content was very relevant to my role in school, supporting some extremely challenging students. I would recommend DESTY to anyone working with children with social and emotional needs."

GILLIAN O'KEEFE - Educator, Ireland

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