Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem and Emotional Resilience with DESTY Training & Resilience Toolkit



"As a Teacher and a Foster Carer I found the DESTY Mentor Training programme to be invaluable. It sets you a solid, scientific foundation to assist you in understanding behaviours, dealing with emotions and building relationships that can lead children on a journey to becoming the best version of themselves. Delivered through online videos with an infectious enthusiasm and passion that inspires, I cannot recommend this highly enough." 

Paul, Educator and Foster Carer, UK


Engage with your foster child and help them to learn about themselves and develop social skills while having fun and spending time together.


Explore the world of feelings and support your foster child to manage and harness their feelings so they can reach their true potential.


Empower your foster child by teaching them problem-solving skills so they can build their resilience when faced with life’s challenges.

How Does DESTY Work?

We are Here to Support You!

  1. We offer a range of online training courses aimed at supporting you in your role as a foster carer to develop the self-confidence and emotional resilience of the children in your care.
  2. Once you enrol on one of our courses a member of Team DESTY will be in touch to ensure that you have all the support you need starting off and throughout the course.
  3. For foster carers who decide to embark on the Certified DESTY Mentor Training course we will get you started on our award-winning DESTY Island programme and you will receive your DESTY Toolkit. Click Here for more details.

Our pilot study highlighted that 80% of children who used the DESTY® Island Programme improved their emotional wellbeing.


"This course offers a valuable opportunity for the TEAM around a looked after child of all ages to revisit some very key strategies in unlocking the voice of the child. I would welcome the opportunity for all those involved in the care of our children to be offered this opportunity."
Jane Porter, Chair Surrey Fostering Association, UK

"For children in care, DESTY has the potential to be a significant tool in helping Children and Foster families to stay together, to build resilience together and promote lasting positive relationships. "
Leanne McCann, Foster Care Educator, Wigan, UK

Reduce Child Anxiety by Building Self-Confidence 

This is a transformative online course that empowers you as a foster carer to develop the skills to build the confidence and self-esteem of the children in your care while supporting them to reduce anxiety and manage stress levels.

Designed and facilitated by educational psychologist and Founder of DESTY, Stephanie O’Malley, this course takes you through a range of simple yet powerful strategies that you can put into practice from the moment you embark on the course. It also includes some very practical downloadable worksheets that can be implemented with children of any age.

This online course can be completed in a participant’s own time and at their own pace.



Developing Children's Emotional Resilience

Developing Children’s Emotional Resilience

During this course you will be supported to understand the impact of attachment and trauma on a child’s development. You will also be equipped with a range of practical tools and strategies that will support you to develop secure attachments and to provide the best level of support you can to the children in your care who have most likely experienced a range of very challenging life experiences.

As part of this course package you will also receive a set of 52 beautifully illustrated DESTY Feeling Cards so you can start working (and have fun!) with your foster children as soon as you embark on the course.

This online course can be completed in a participant’s own time and at their own pace.



Certified DESTY Mentor Programme

The Certified DESTY Mentor Training course is an advanced skills development course that supports you to develop the skills and understanding to use our award-winning online DESTY Island Social and Emotional Wellbeing Programme at home with the children in your care. As part of your training you will learn how to listen and communicate with children so they will engage more fully with you. You will also learn how to guide them through the DESTY Island programme where they will learn about themselves, their feelings and how to harness their feelings especially when dealing with difficult life events that face them.

As part of this course package you will receive a pass for your foster child or children to visit and explore our online DESTY Island and your each child also receives a DESTY Teddy and Workbook to complement the online programme.

This online course can be completed in a participant’s own time and at their own pace. There are a range of extra benefits to completing the Certified DESTY Mentor Programme. Click on the button below to find out more.



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"A fulsome course which supports foster carers to help children realise their pure potential to grow into resilient, educated, caring and happy adults. I highly recommend this course for all foster carers, social workers and educators of foster children and the younger the better."

CAMILLE - Foster Carer, UK

"I think this programme would benefit all children to understand their emotions and feelings but as a foster carer working with children who have suffered emotional trauma it is invaluable in helping my foster children to understand their emotions better and to help them become more resilient."

JULIE - Foster Carer, UK

"The DESTY training programme has opened my eyes and made me realise the kind of supports that children need help to cope with their emotions, especially children that have been through trauma. I feel that I am capable to support my niece and nephew more efficiently as a result of this course."

HOLLY - Special Guardian, UK