Reduce Child Anxiety by Building Self-Confidence


Build Self-Confidence

Learn simple yet powerful strategies
to reduce your child's anxiety
by building their self-confidence

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Reduce Child Anxiety by Building Self-Confidence
Online Course

What better gift can we give to children than the skills and support to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem, reducing anxiety and stress, enabling them to live happy and fulfilled lives? 

This transformative online course empowers you as a parent to develop the skills to build the confidence and self-esteem of your children while supporting them to reduce anxiety and manage stress levels. 

  • Designed and facilitated by educational psychologist and Founder of DESTY, Stephanie O’Malley, each lesson takes you through a range of simple yet powerful strategies that you can put into practice from the moment you embark on the course.
  • We've also included some very practical downloadable worksheets that can be used with children of any age.
  • Feel that you're too busy? Don't worry, we understand. That's why all of our courses are designed for busy people. Learn in your own time and at your own pace. And remember, Team DESTY are here to support you along the way.



How DESTY Helped Me & My Child

"I recently completed the Education DESTY Course on anxiety and self-confidence and it was utterly enlightening.

Every word could have been written specifically about my beautiful little boy. It made so much sense and since then I have completely changed my approach to his behaviour.

Understanding my son has been a gift and I now treat him with much more sympathy and patience. I just wish everyone could see him the way I do after doing the DESTY Course." 

Anne Reilly, Parent