Mission Statement

Team Desty’s mission is to support all children to discover their strengths and overcome their challenges and to live happy and full lives while reaching their true potential.


Education DESTY® Ltd (Developing Exceptional Strengths and Talents in You) is a software development and online training company founded by Educational Psychologist, Stephanie O’Malley, CEO. For the past 15 years Stephanie has worked in educational and child pyschology services in Ireland, supporting families, children and educators across a variety of areas including the support of children with additional challenges.

Through her research, Stephanie has discovered that children learn and ultimately live better and happier lives when they develop key social emotional competencies. Over the past number of years Stephanie has focused on developing her vision of the Education DESTY® Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) web-based software. Together with Team Desty she has created a colourful, personalised learning platform where the child can create, tell and share his/her story of feelings, thoughts and relationships. This is a psychologically safe world for the child with the presence of DESTY®, their trusty in-world mentor who is there to help if needed; a place where they can explore who they want to be, providing a positive road map for their future selves.

Education Desty Programme Modules


  • Provides a child-centred personalised learning environment to facilitate a child’s learning
  • Supports children to develop their sense of self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Supports children to be aware of their network of social support
  • Enables children to identify challenges and provides support to empower children to overcome these challenges
  • Develops problem solving and critical thinking


  • Highlights areas where the child may need support
  • Supports on-going communication and relationship-building between the student/mentor/home and school environments
  • Mentor gains understanding of child’s view and what is important to them which can be employed to engage students in their learning
  • Integrated games and mindfulness exercises to reinforce and support learning
  • Access to bank of lesson plans
  • Integrated e-portfolio stores students work and certificates of achievement